David Hudson

David started his automotive industry career in 1975 with Jaguar Cars in Coventry as a sponsored student-apprentice with the company while studying for mechanical Engineering degree at Lanchester Polytechnic (now Coventry University). He joined the Vehicle Research department of Product Engineering after graduation in 1979 and went on to develop the team that was responsible for the noise and vibration refinement of the all-new AJ6 engine and the XJ40 car – Jaguar’s first all-new vehicle in 30 years.

Subsequently David spent significant time working in Far East and USA in technical and managerial consulting roles before joining Tata Motors European Technical Centre in 2008, David spent 3 years based in Pune, India running the NVH team, later taking lead role as Programme Chief Engineer for several new vehicle projects delivered for Tata Motors based from the European Technical Centre at University of Warwick.

David Hudson is EV Product Manager for ePropelled, a Massachusetts-based technology company offering electric propulsion systems for a range of applications. He leads the development and execution of its EV strategy for global eMobility markets.