Eevam Technologies- ‘Extremadura also dreams of a future linked to hydrogen’

‘Green hydrogen’ claims to be the best alternative to current fossil fuels, and its development will be key to achieving one of the main challenges facing the EU: the decarbonization of the planet. As transport sectors produce 30% of all CO2 emissions, it has been called on to act.

Electric mobility is completely dominated by lithium batteries, which are already widely used in all types of cars, motorcycles, bicycles and electric scooters. However, for many years now, the development of the new hydrogen fuel cell promises to be innovative.

The battery system, in general, is a better option than hydrogen, due to its ability to offer more power in a more efficient way. However, it is limited: it does not work for very heavy vehicles or long distances, because its autonomy is still insufficient. With current technology, it is not an option to build batteries for trains, freight trucks, ships or planes, as they would be too large and heavy. And that’s where hydrogen comes into the picture and shows itself as an interesting alternative.

One of the most interesting projects related to the hydrogen sector in Extremadura is the one in which Jesús Salazar, CEO and Founder of EEVAM Technologies, participates. They aim to create a hydrogen-powered aircraft capable of transporting goods and people between cities, and hope to have it ready by 2035.

Salazar is an aeronautical engineer by training, and began to work together with other colleagues towards hydrogen in aviation. “I contacted them and we decided it would be nice to pick up on that topic.”

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