Levelling the Playing Field in the Battery Industry: Accelerating Affordable Innovation with Smarter Testing

Digital tools are reducing the need for building hundreds of prototypes when it comes to both EV and battery development. Mastering their use and reducing expensive and time-consuming outlays of resources on physical testing whilst retaining safe and efficient testing strategies could open up new pathways to success for manufacturers at any scale. This session incorporates how to plan your testing strategy for maximum performance and minimal outlay. It will cover new approaches in accelerated life testing, real-time data analytics, and predictive maintenance algorithms that enhance both the performance and affordability of batteries.

Questions for discussion:

  • How can advanced testing methods reduce the cost and time-to-market for new battery technologies? 
  • What role does data analytics play in improving battery testing efficiency? 
  • How do predictive maintenance and real-time monitoring systems contribute to longer battery lifespans and reliability?