Building the Resilient, Secure and Economical Materials Supply Chain of Tomorrow

Concentrating on strategies for a future-proof supply chain, this session covers the need for sustainability as well as resilience, security, and cost-effectiveness amidst global uncertainties. It will probe into the intricacies of balancing global sourcing with local supply resilience.

Questions for discussion:

  • Are global supply chains becoming greener? What is needed to expedite this process?
  • How can businesses ensure supply chain resilience in an era of global unpredictability?
  • Is the shift towards localisation a realistic solution for supply chain challenges? 
  • How does sustainability factor into the economics of material supply chains?

Confirmed talks:

Net-Zero – We All Need A Little Help From Our Friends: Scope 3 Supplier Engagement

  • Dr. Toby Green, Director and Co-Founder, My Carbon

Life Cycle Assessment of Advanced Materials to Enhance Sustainability and Enable Scope 3 Declarations.

  • Robin Mottram, Global Lead Low Carbon Technology, Morgan Advanced Materials