Atlas Copco opens the Road to Smart Factory Integration



Doubling its footprint at this year’s Vehicle Electrification Expo, the global leader in EV battery and vehicle assembly tooling and software solutions, Atlas Copco, will be showcasing its Smart Factory initiative, that incorporates multiple new technologies.

Aimed at assisting OE manufacturers and supply chain companies across the whole EV industry in the transition to fully automated operations, with 5G wirelessly connecting all digital tools throughout the factory, Atlas Copco’s ‘Smart Integrated Assembly’ concept is designed to help optimise production, improve quality, reduce costs and energy consumption, as well as advancing the sustainability of EV manufacture.

Central to ‘Smart Integrated Assembly’ is the goal of eliminating costly rework, so Vehicle Electrification Expo will see Atlas Copco launch ‘Avantguard’, its latest generation error-proofing software. The web-based solution provides ultimate flexibility, with the software able to run on any device with any operating system, that integrates with existing customer IT infrastructure.

Atlas Copco is also presenting its bespoke ‘ToolsControl’ solution. Removing the requirement for separate physical controllers for each tool on the production line, this innovative software creates a single environment for connecting every tool in the factory to a central system either locally or offsite. ToolsControl saves on both hardware costs and floor space.

Commenting on its Smart Integrated Assembly concept, James McAllister, General Manager, Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions, said:

“A strategic partner to EV vehicle manufacturers in the UK and globally, Atlas Copco is fully committed to improving production efficiency by harnessing real-time data insights and hyper flexibility, as part of a smart manufacturing ecosystem. At the Vehicle Electrification Expo, we are delighted to showcase our Smart Integrated Assembly with the ToolsControl “controller anywhere” concept, as well as a comprehensive range of SMART connected solutions, including 5G and real-time software, to enable fact-based decision making that will revolutionise production line design. The Atlas Copco team is looking forward to speaking with visitors who are keen to join our journey to the Smart Factory.”

The critical importance of maintaining a constant temperature of the EV battery pack has also resulted in Atlas Copco innovations in thermal management. These include the development of a special purpose HD dispensing pump set, as well as a range of insulated and isolated sockets, tool covers, quick change adapters and other accessories to protect operators and equipment.

At this year’s Vehicle Electrification Expo, Atlas Copco’s stand will feature a racing car in recognition of the company’s partnership with Red Bull Ford Powertrains, for the development of a new engine for 2026, which is being designed and manufactured at the team’s new facility in Milton Keynes.


Don’t forget to visit Atlas Copco on stand 926 for more!