Atlas Copco innovates in thermal management of EV batteries

The critical importance of maintaining a constant temperature of the EV battery pack has resulted in a number of innovations from Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions, which will be showcased at the Vehicle Electrification Expo.

In the quest to reduce vehicle weight, the need for joining multiple materials, including ultra-high strength steels (UHSS), across all battery architecture, has proven a challenge for controlling thermal management to ensure an operational envelope of just a few °C. As a global leader in EV battery assembly, Atlas Copco has innovated an interface paste, featuring a high aluminium content of around 80%, which is applied between the cells and the battery enclosure base plate, to maintain a stable temperature. To allow for the volume of paste required to be located at assembly stations, Atlas Copco has developed specially strengthened dispensing vessels, which can store the high-density material safely.

Due to the significant metallic content of the paste, which has an abrasive effect on dispensing equipment, Atlas Copco re-engineered its high-volume dispensing pumps, to include high-strength steel components and all-metallic seals. For securing the cells into the battery pack, Atlas Copco has mitigated the risk of high voltages running through the tooling with the development of a range of insulated and isolated sockets, tool covers, quick change adapters and other accessories to protect operators and equipment.

In addition, an automated, contactless metrology solution that ensures inspection quality at full production speed will also be showcased at Vehicle Electrification Expo. Atlas Copco’s Perceptron optical tracking system provides pin-point accuracy for in-line robotic measurement, eliminating all of the robot’s mechanical drift and temperature influence from the measurement results to achieve the most accurate robotic measurement solution available for the factory floor.

Commenting on its latest innovations within electromobility, James McAllister, General Manager, Atlas Copco Tools and Industrial Assembly Solutions, said:

“Battery assembly for electric vehicles is complex and potentially hazardous, so we are working in partnership with manufacturers to overcome the challenges. Atlas Copco is at the forefront of innovating assembly solutions which deliver safer and more cost-efficient productivity. By speeding up the dispensing, joining, tightening and inspection processes without compromising on quality and performance, we can shorten cycle times, increase throughput and reduce costs.”

“As a pioneer in cold joining techniques, which enable multiple layers of different materials to be joined without the need for heat or risk of any hazardous vapour being emitted, Atlas Copco is a strategic partner to a number of EV vehicle manufacturers and the business continues to focus its research and development on further innovations in support of customers.”

EV battery assembly solutions from Atlas Copco


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